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Impact Dot matrix Printer

  • XP-76IINC, is a fully functional pin type paper printers, USES the advanced print head, support GB18030 big word stock.Compatible with the ESC/POS printing instructions, beyond your imagination!

  • Print width

  • Printing speed

4.5 line/s
  • Column capacity

400 dots/line
  • Interface

Parallel / Serial / USB / Lan
  • Character

  • Line spacing

4.23mm (Adjustable by commands)
  • Weight

  • Dimensions

220×150×140mm (D×W×H)

  • Features
  • Specifications

● Freshness outstanding design, easy to operate

● GB18030 simplified Chinese, support traditional Chinese and various international languages

● Black mark orientation, support invoice printing function

● Various interfaces, multiply choices

● Auto cutter full or partial is optional

 Printing method9-Pin serial impact dot-matrix printing
 Print width63.5mm
 Column capacity400 dots/line
 Printing speed4.5 line/s
 Printing paper75.5±0.5mm×φ80mm(max)
 Line spacing4.23mm (Adjustable by commands)

Column number

76mm paper: Font A - 32 columns /Font B - 42 columns / Chinese,traditional Chinese - 16 columns

Character size

ANK,Font A: 1.6×3.1mm(9×9 dots) Font B: 1.2×3.1mm(7×9 dots)Chinese,traditional Chinese: 2.7×2.7mm(16×16 dots)
Auto cutterPartial
 Extension character 
PC347(Standard Europe)、Katakana、PC850(Multilingual)、PC860(Portuguese)、PC863(Canadian-French)、PC865(Nordic)、West Europe、Greek、Hebrew、East Europe、Iran、WPC1252、PC866(Cyrillic#2)、PC852(Latin2)、PC858、IranII、Latvian、Arabic、PT151(1251)
 Power adaptorInput:AC 110V/220V, 50~60Hz
 Power sourceOutput:DC 24V/2.5A
 Cash drawer outputDC 24V/1A
 Physical characteristics
 Weight1.28 KG
 Dimensions220×150×140mm (D×W×H)
 Environmental Requirements
 Work environmentTemperature (0~45)  humidity(10~80%)
 Storage environmentTemperature(-10~60℃) humidity(10~80%)
 Cutter life1million cuts
 Printer head life10 Million Lines
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